Overcoming U + Tango

Heather Sayers Lehman,
CEO of Overcoming U

Overcoming U is a boutique wellness firm that provides health and well-being courses to employees at companies of all sizes. With its easy-to-use learning management system, Overcoming U can reach all employees, regardless of their location, shift, or work environment. With seven individual courses—ranging from financial well-being to resilience building—employees learn how to build heathier lifestyles.


Overcoming U provides four- and six-week courses that employees must complete in the allotted time. A challenge it faces is getting employees to participate and complete the full course. “When my clients provide gift card incentives to employees, the completion rate increases dramatically,” explains Heather Sayers Lehman, CEO of Overcoming U.

Before working with Tango, Heather’s clients offered physical gift cards, which presented challenges. “It was time consuming, as well as a major security issue to protect the financial investment,” she explains. In addition, there were times when the employee experience suffered.

“Because we offer customer service, we played the middleman for employees with gift card issues—even though we were unable to directly help them. It was a disappointing experience for employees to be handed off to someone else.”

Overcoming U’s solution

By using our digital incentive solutions, Overcoming U has streamlined the delivery of incentives and improved its recipient experience.

The Tango portal

Leveraging our fee, self-serve web portal, Overcoming U started independently ordering, sending, and tracking e-gift cards in one easy place.
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Reward Link

Using Reward Link, our most popular incentive solution, Overcoming U sends many employees their pick of 100+ popular e-gift cards.
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Recipient Support

Our support teams offers assistance to both Overcoming U and its recipients, so Heather isn’t left fielding redemption questions or troubleshooting technical issues.
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The value of working with Tango

Here’s what Heather has found to be most valuable in our partnership.

Program engagement

We see a much higher completion rate with gift card incentives. Our clients also receive more positive feedback from employees, who no longer have to visit an HR office to pick up a gift card. Their employees love getting to choose their gift card versus being assigned a specific type.

Time saved

We save our clients a tremendous amount of time and hassle by helping them avoid a constant revolving door of employees coming to pick up their gift cards. Because we handle all of the customer service for employee questions and confusion, they can be hands off through the entire process.

Overcoming U’s results

Incentivizing customers and employees

The industry average for an open online course is 10%. Overcoming U’s completion rate is:

• 60% for a week drawing
• 80% for direct incentives

Overcoming U offers $25 direct incentives and a weekly drawing worth the same value

Administrative improvements

While working with Tango, Overcoming U has experienced the following improvements:

• Reduction in time spent managing and fulfilling rewards
• Happier reward recipients
• Faster reward delivery

“We have become a one-stop shop for our clients. Not only do we provide marketing collateral, sign-up platform, learning management system, and customer service, we also provide incentive distribution. HR and benefits professionals are extremely busy, and we streamline the process,” explains Heather

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