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Your customers are buying gift cards. 68% of mid-sized companies spend $450,000 on gift cards every year, while 61% of large companies spend over $1M, according to the Incentive Research Foundation. In addition, gift cards have been at the top of wish lists for the last 15 years. If you’re not offering them, you’re missing out on an additional revenue stream.

Show your customers you have a gift card solution they—and their recipients—will love with Reward Link®. Ready to get gifting with Tango Card?

Reselling is Easy with Reward Link

Maximize your profits and help your clients drive results with Reward Link. Reward Link allows you to manage your margins in two ways.

1. Receive a 5% rebate off face value on opportunities or engagements with volumes over $100k, regardless of what e-gift cards your customers choose.
2. For smaller programs, use Rewards Genius—our free, self-serve web portal—and charge your clients one flat fee or a standard fee per Reward Link issued.

With no additional fees and customizable margins, Reward Link makes reselling e-gift cards easy. Start offering Reward Link today.

Flexible Denominations

With values ranging from $5–$2,000, the possibilities are endless.

Revenue Share

Engagements of over $100k receive 5% off face value, regardless of what e-gift cards your clients choose.

Fees Your Way

With no additional fees, you have the option to add your own administrative flat fee for the e-gift cards you sell.

Popular Options

Your clients can choose from over 650+ global e-gift card brands and personalize each reward with their branding.

Speed and Satisfaction

Reward Link is delivered instantly via email and can be used immediately.

Selling Reward Link is Easy

With customizable options and non-branded sell sheets, Tango Card makes selling Reward Link easy.

Customization Options

Your clients can add their branding, include personalized message, and curate a digital gift card catalog.

Broad Appeal

Your clients can choose from over 650+ global e-gift card options from 30 countries.

Streamlined Delivery

We provide tracking and recipient support to ensure an excellent reward experience. Reward Link digital rewards are delivered instantly via email and can be used immediately.

Ready to learn more?

Discover how Reward Link can diversify your offerings and increase your revenue by scheduling a demo with our team.
Frequently Asked Questions



Do you provide physical gift cards and digital gift cards?

Currently, we only offer digital gift cards. Reward Link—our most popular reward solution—is the fastest, easiest way for your clients to send a choice of digital gift cards. With Reward Link, your clients can choose from 350+ of the most popular gift card brands to build a global reward catalog with something for everyone. Plus, your clients can customize our email templates with their brand and messaging.

As the distributor, how do I coordinate and place orders on behalf of my clients?

Whether you’re representing one client or multiple clients, we’ve got you covered. When you use Reward Genius, our free, self-serve web portal, you’re not limited to sending Reward Links for a single client. You can easily manage all your clients—and their email templates—in one easy place. You can also download order history reports directly from your Reward Genius portal that can be shared with clients.

To learn more, download our getting started guide here.

What is your payment process like?

Our pre-payment system requires your account to be funded ahead of time. As the distributor, you’ll receive an invoice from us that can easily be shared with your client. From there, you’ll fund the account and request payments directly from your client.

Do you offer an API that can help streamline orders from our system?

Yes, our Rewards as a Service (RaaS®) API, allows you to easily integrate orders from your system to our system. With our API, you can:

• Create and fund one or multiple accounts to support a single app or platform with multiple customers
• Access our Reward Link catalog of 350+ e-gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations.
• Use our catalog, which contains descriptions, disclaimers, reward images, and other brand details.
• Have us send your e-gift cards on branded email templates or deliver them within your user interface
• Access order history, track email delivery, and resend rewards.

Learn more about our gift card API here.

Can I choose what gift cards my clients want in the portal?

Yes, your Reward Genius account is set up to include our standard Reward Link product, which can be curated or limited to select merchants. We can help you create unique Reward Links if your client wants more gift card options for one audience and fewer options for another. View our full reward catalog here.

What gift card denominations are available?

Gift cards start at $5 and can go up to $2,000 with denominations in increments of $1, $5, or $10.

What if I want additional customization? Is there a fee?

Yes, there’s a one-time set-up fee of $450 to customize your Reward Link beyond what’s offered in Rewards Genius.

How do the rebates work?

Distributors are eligible for a 5% rebate off the face value of a gift card when your customer engagement or opportunity is greater than $100k.

Is there a fee to use Reward Genius?

Using Reward Genius is free. You’re only required to pay the face value of the gift card. If your client orders 250 Reward Links at $100 each, for example, you’ll pay $100 each. There are no additional fees. Download our full pricing guide here.

Will it be hard to sell gift cards to my clients?

No, selling Reward Link is easier than you think. There’s a reason gift cards have been at the top of wish lists for the last 15 years, according to the National Retail Federation. Ultimately, people like having a choice. And the ability to choose is exactly what gift cards provide. With our Reward Link product, your clients’ recipients can choose from 100+ of the most popular US gift card brands. We also offer a variety of pre-made catalogs in a range of different themes.

Do you provide non-branded resources about Tango Card that I can share with clients?

Yes, we offer a variety of non-branded resources to help you present Reward Link to clients. Contact to request our non-branded materials.


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