Modernize Your Market Research Incentives

You already know that offering incentives can help you attract respondents. Learn how to further elevate and advance your incentive program by sending and tracking gift cards with one free dashboard.


Whether you’re distributing a survey, running a focus group, organizing a community, or managing a panel, it’s essential to provide an incentive that’s easy to administer and track—and that gives your recipients immediate and flexible reward choices.

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How Tango Card Modernizes the Incentive Experience for Respondents
Why gift cards?
How Researchers Use Tango Card’s Reward Solutions
Solutions That Meet Every Research Need
What Other Research Professionals Are Saying
Simplified, Easy Reporting
Customer Support for You and Your Respondents
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Research respondents don’t just appreciate rewards that are streamlined and easy, they expect it. Hallmarks of a modern incentive experience include:

• Immediate delivery
• Instant satisfaction
• Options that suit all respondents

Here’s the experience our incentive solutions provide to your respondents.


Instant Delivery

Respondents receive their e-gift cards instantly via email, creating immediate satisfaction.

Streamlined Redemption

Our gift-card redemption process is easy. Respondents simply visit the website provided in their reward email and select the gift cards of their choice.

More Than 350 Gift Card Options

With a reward catalog of 350+ of the most popular e-gift cards, there’s something for everyone.

Flexible Delivery

Easily order market research and focus group incentives one at a time or in batches. You can also automate reward delivery with our integrations, including SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics.

Accessible Customer Support

Respondents with redemption questions or technical issues can contact our support team for assistance

Simple Admin

Easily send and track incentives via our Rewards Genius dashboard. View and download a complete order-history reports with a few clicks.

Curious what our most popular incentive solution is?

Reward Link®—our most popular incentive solution—makes it easy to send your respondents a choice of gift cards instantly through email. Researchers prefer this solution because it takes out the guess work and lets respondents choose how they spend their hard-earned incentive. Learn more about Reward Link, and all our reward solutions, below

Simply put, gift cards check all the boxes for being desirable, budget friendly, and effective in driving research participation and high-quality responses. They also play a key role in ensuring your respondents stay engaged and come back for more. Here’s what you can expect when you start using gift cards as research incentives.


Gift Cards Save Time

With gift cards, the constant need to research and select new incentives for research participants is eliminated, which saves you—and your company—valuable time.

Gift Cards Are Budget Friendly

The majority of our reward solutions are completely free, which means 100% of your budget goes to the incentive in most cases.

Gift Cards Offer Digital Advantages

When you work with us, the need to manually track and log the research and online survey incentives you send is eliminated. Our built-in reports can be quickly downloaded and organized at an organization, department, or respondent level. Plus, digital gift cards arrive instantly, making respondent satisfaction immediate.

Our reward solutions make gift cards a win-win solution for anyone conducting professional research or academic research. Here’s how researchers use our solutions:


Professors, students, and marketing professionals who’ve secured grants at their universities use our solutions to conduct focus groups and surveys.
Rewards Genius—our free, self-serve web portal—makes it easy to order and send incentives on demand, which is ideal for projects that require daily or weekly sends.
With Rewards Genius, you can also create customized email templates with your university’s branding and a personal message, add funds to your account, and send out incentives—all in one place.

University researchers and professionals also benefit from our integrations, including Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey. Our out-of-the-box integrations make it easy for you to send and automate rewards in the systems you already use, but we can also create integrations to fit your specific needs.
Along with our incentive solutions, we offer industry knowledge and detailed reporting to help you secure IRB approval.

Market Research Projects

Researchers use our solutions to successfully conduct quantitative and qualitative research.

Rewards Genius—our free, self-serve web portal—makes it easy to order and send incentives on demand, which is ideal for projects that require daily or weekly sends.

With Rewards Genius, you can create customized email templates with your company’s branding and include a personal message, add funds to your account, and send out incentives—all in one place.


For special services where payments aren’t required, researchers use Reward Link—our most popular reward solution. With Reward Link, you’re able to instantly send gift card incentives via email. When your recipient opens the email, they click the Reward Link URL and are directed to a gift-card catalog, which provides 100+ global brands to choose from.
Plus, you can easily customize the email templates with your logo and branding as well as add a personalized message.

Panels & Communities

No matter how you’re engaging your panel or community members, gift cards are a simple and universal choice. They’re simple to deliver at the end of a survey, a project, or even integrated into a points-based engagement model.
Panel researchers can also benefit from our integrations, which help automate rewards. These integrations make your workflow easier by connecting the systems you already use—like Qualtrics, QuestionPro, and Zapier—to our e-gift card delivery platform.

If you’re a researcher who’s struggling to find an incentive product that’s supported by your company’s proprietary platform and technology, our Rewards as a Service (RaaS) API provides a perfect solution. Our API can help your company leverage automation by powering incentives in your existing apps and platforms.
Curious what the best practices are when it comes to sending incentives? See our Research Incentive Guide for tips.

Our reward solutions put researchers like you in control. Ultimately, you decide when and how incentives are sent to respondents. We offer multiple solutions to meet different research needs. Keep in mind, there isn’t a single way to use our reward solutions—and there’s no right or wrong answers.
Below is an overview of our four reward-delivery solutions.

Rewards Genius

Rewards Genius is a free web portal for managing rewards and incentives programs. In this self-serve portal, you can:

  • Order Reward Links, in bulk or one at a time, which are immediately delivered to recipients
  • Create custom email templates
  • Create and fund accounts, check balances, and view funding history
  • Manager user access and permission levels
  • Review order history and download reports
  • Resend rewards with the click of a button
Reward Link

Reward Link is the standard reward offering in Rewards Genius, and for good reason. This gift of choice, which is our most popular option, gives your participants a wide selection of desirable gift cards. With Reward Link, you can instantly send rewards to the inboxes of your employees on an email template that’s branded with your logo and messaging.

Rewards as a Service (RaaS) API

To directly integrate rewards within your internal systems, your development team may be interested in an API integration. Our API is built to power rewards and incentives in apps and platforms. It contains multiple methods to support simple reward automation or platform-wide implementation. With our API, you can:

  • Access our catalog of 350+ e-gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations
  • Send e-gift cards either through Tango Card® on branded email templates or from within your user interface
  • Use our reward catalog, which contains descriptions, disclaimers, reward images, and other brand details
  • Access order history, track email delivery, and resend rewards
Software as a Service (SaaS) Integrations

Send and automate rewards in the systems you’re already using. We can integrate Rewards Genius with your CRM, MAS, and task automator to drive results. We’ve also integrated with Salesforce, Qualtrics, and Zapier.

Blast Rewards

This bulk sending option allows you to easily fund your account, fill your order sheet in the form of an Excel document, and upload it to have an order fulfilled in one business day.

We streamline and modernize the way professionals offer incentives to participate in research. Here’s what other professionals are saying:

“Tango Card is a very easy system to use for respondent payments.”

—Craig Olson, CEO, JC Research Partners, LLC.

“I need participants for surveys, focus groups, and interviews. These gift cards work extremely well for recruiting.”

—Keith Gosselin, Consultant, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles

“We run brand tracking surveys for our clients’ customers. This is an easy way to reward them for participating.”

—Jason Pocock, Director of Marketing, BrandOutlook

From saving time and money to improving the recipient experience, here’s why our customers work with us.

Of the surveyed professionals that work with us, 88% have saved time and 68% have saved money.

When you work with us, there’s no need to maintain spreadsheets or tracking documents. We offer simplified, easy reporting in one free platform. You can pull data for a single participant or view reports at a company or department level. Our platform was built with you and your workflow in mind to ensure any reports and tracking stay organized with minimal effort.

Our support team isn’t just available to you, it’s available to your respondents too. We’re happy to provide support for all your respondents, so you’re not left fielding redemption questions or troubleshooting technical issues. or request a demo to learn more about modernizing your research incentives with digital gift cards.