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Incorporate the innovative Tango Card directly into your reward, loyalty, and engagement applications by using our Tango Card Service API. The Tango Card Service API provides a flexible, secure, and straight forward solution for integrating into reward, loyalty, and engagement applications for purchasing the Tango Card from their funded Tango Card account.

Tango Card Service API is accessible either directly via HTTP POST or through our Tango Card SDKs currently available in multiple programming languages. Our Tango Card SDKs quickly and easily allows developers to incorporate the Tango Card – the "exactly what you want" gift card. Used today by customers like FedEx, Hively, Beintoo and Plink, whether you're launching a new mobile app or adding real rewards to an existing online loyalty program, Extend can be your secure, efficient source and fulfillment platform. Our Tango Card Service API allows you to do two basic but powerful tasks:

Our Tango Card Service API allows you to do two basic but powerful tasks:

1) Purchase a gift card, and send gift cards directly to recipients via email and/or return live gift card codes for you to customize and redistribute.

2) Get the available balance of your Tango Card account. By reducing the time required to source and fulfill rewards to minutes, Extend allows you to scale quickly. It provides you with complete control of your rewards and budget, running on a proven integration environment. Tango Card also changes the economics of rewards: no minimums or hosting fees, no integration fees, and no per-reward fees. Your costs are in the rewards, not the overhead.

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Ruby SDK
Python SDK
jQuery plugin
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