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with Instant Rewards and Incentives

Do you use employee rewards, customer rewards or health and wellness rewards in your business? If so, we want to make it easier and more impactful for you, for free.

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Our Two Core Products

The Rewards Genius™ Employee Rewards Platform
Send custom employee rewards instantly from your desktop or phone with Rewards Genius™ — a configurable employee rewards website that fits your unique business needs; no integration required. Here's how it works:

Log into your customized Rewards Genius™ interface and send an employee a reward that they deserve.

Use custom fields to distinguish why your employee earned their reward.
Visit your reporting dashboard at any time to drive your culture with real data:

The Rewards as a Service™ API
Integrate rewards into your app or platform for the ultimate engagement and loyalty experience.
Here is what we did for Bing Rewards, a fully scaled modern loyalty program using our API. Search Bing and earn reward points:

We provide the catalog, account funding and point conversion with our API. Bing created a slick interface for the API display:

We deliver the end user rewards via email in seconds:

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